Window locks for UPVC

  • UPVC Window Lock Gearboxes

    Gearboxes For UPVC Windows are the centre part of a three piece lock and can just be replaced on their own. 

    It’s unusual to have to replace the rods or shootbolts as its normally just the window gearbox that would fail although we do stock most of them if needed. The lock is held in place with retaining screws along with the window handle bolts. All of these will need removing to take the lock out of the window.

  • full-length-window-locks.jpg

    These are an older style of window lock but are still very popular today. Whilst some espag locks have been made obsolete we can usually offer an alternative which can be fitted with a touch of alteration.

    The correct measurements will make your job easier as you will need to line up with the window handle, you will need the backset, length and to know whether its offset or inline. Click here for our guide that will help you work all this out.

  • keeps-and-screws-for-window-locks.jpg

    All the extras you need to fit your Espag lock or Window Gearbox
    Changing your window lock should be an easy swap over however missing screws and keeps can slow the job down. If you have an obsolete lock then you may need to get extra screws or keeps to make the alternative window lock fit. All the extra bits you need to repair your windows are available here.
    If there is anything extra that you need then give us a call on 01204 652211

 Not sure how to measure your window locks?    Please click here