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Window Safety Locks


Window safety locks are a method of securing a window either to stop unlawful entry from outside or to keep the residents safe. Especially young or vulnerable people. I will out line the locks below used for Double glazed windows. There are many on the market that can be fitted either during fabrication of the window or retrospectivly after the window has already been fitted by a company.

 This is the simplest form of lock that can be fitted to your windows to help secure them. The window locks are usually engaged by either pushing the button ontop (older type) to lock the handle or it can be a snap shut lock that engages whenever the handle is in the shut position.

This is ideal for house that just need a quick visual chaeck at night to make sure the house is secure.The design of the handle is such that the when you look at the handle from a distance and it is in the shut position the handle will be locked and unable to be "jockeyed" open from outside by intruders. Insurance companies do tend to favour these handles over push to lock handles due to thier security. The handles are available in Espag handles style or Cockspur Handle style.





  These locks are great for a "belt & braces job". The design is a very simple swing bolt that turns onto your fram and stops it being opened from the out side.

These locks are sometimes used on windows where the window lock is broken and the window need temporary securing overnight. A simple to fit device using just 2 screws that self tap into the frame. Ths sash jammer is an effective but simple secuity lock. Visit our page to see more







  The concealed Window safety lock is a very popular lock and fits and type of UPVC window. This safety simply fits inside the window between the window opener and the frame. It is fitted using self tapping screws and is self engaging when the window is closed.

To disengage the lock you need to unclick the arm and push the window open. These locks are great in cases where there is a chance of someone falling against the window and falling out. You do need to remember that this is a restrictor and can be undone with just the flick of a lever. Ideal for safety situations where a fire escape is needed and  window safety is paramount. To purchase this type of restrictor click on  this link






The fixed window safety locks are ideal for uses where the window needs to be secured and there is no reason for the window to be opened any further than the set amount. These restrictors should be used in pairs to stop the window openeing out. The restrictor is secured using self tapping screws and fixes into the sash and the frame.

These locks are not intened to be removed one fixed onto the frames. Ideal for Hotels, Stadiums, Nursing homes etc where there is a risk of falling out of windows. Click here to see more details on this restrictor