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Espag Window Handles

Espag Window Handles

Espag Window Handles

Espag window handles have a metal spindle on the back which goes into the window frame to drive the window mechanism. The metal spindle is almost always fixed in position and is 7mm wide but the length can vary. If you cannot find the spindle length that you need we will be happy to help...Window handle measurement guide

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FAQ Espag Window Handles

What is a Spindle?

The spindle is the part that sticks out of the back of a handle once removed from the window.

How Do I Measure the Spindle length.

First you need to remove the Handle from you window. This is done by removing the two fixing bolts that hold the handle on. To do this open the window handle, remove the bolt that you can see with a screw driver. Once the first bolt is removed then you close the handle and flick off the screw cover that is covering the second bolt. Remove the second bolt and the window handle will come away in your hand. ONce this is done you measure the spindle length using a tape measure. ALWAYS measure the spindle whilst it it is in the window handle, the spindle size is the amount it sticks out from the back of the window handle by.

Are espag Window Handles Handed?

Some are and some are not, The easiest way to tell is if you look at the handle, if it goes straight down then it is universal and will fit either handed window, if there is a crank in it then it is handed.