KFV Multipoint UPVC Door Locks


kfv.jpgThe KFV door locks are usually idenitiable by the fact that there is no name on the actual locking mechanism.The KFV lock can have a white or Gold coloured faceplate but the new ones tend to come in Silver colour.


lock-mech-centre-measure2.jpg To help you whittle down the multipoint door lock to the one you need we have introduced a simple scale below. Follow the instructions below and you will be down to a shortlist of KFV lock possibilities.



First, measure your lock backset

(see drawing if you are unsure what this is)

  Click on your backset size below.





25backset-graphic.jpg 30backset-graphic.jpg 35backset-graphic.jpg
40backset-graphic.jpg 45backset-graphic.jpg