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Window Handle Measurement Guide

 UPVC Window Handles Which ones?

There are 2 kinds of UPVC Window Handle.

The older type “cockspur” handle and the more modern “espag” handle.

Below you will find pictures of both so you can see which one you require.

This handle is an espag handle.Espag handles have a spindle that fits in to a locking mechanism and come in various spindle sizes with the most common being 40mm. All our espag handles come in 5 sizes 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm. To see how to measure the spindle length see the photo below.

They are fixed with window bolts and the standard distance between the fixing bolts is 43mm.

To see the espag handles we have available click Espag Window Handles


 measure window handles

To find the spindle length of your handles measure the bit that sticks out from the back of your handle as shown on the photo to the left.

See Photo.


 measuring the spindle on a espag window handle

This handle is a cockspur handle.

All cockspur handles have a triangular shaped piece on the side which closes over the window frame, and are usually fixed with self tapping screws or rivets. The position of this triangle determines if the handle is left or right-handed. The handle shown is Right-handed.

The important measurement on the handles is the “Stack height” the most common being 9mm or 21mm but we also have 15.5mm and 17mm available. To see how to measure the stack height see the photo below.

To see the cockspur handles we have available click Cockspur Window Handles

 measure window cockspur handle

To find the stack height of your cockspur handles. Measure from the base if the handle to the underside of the triangular piece that sticks out.

See Photo

 measuring stack height on cockspur handle