Door lock cylinder euro barrels

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Cylinder and a Barrel?.

NONE whatsoever, they are exactly the same same part when it comes to ordering. People and industry has different names for them. Here are some other variations.



Door lock ( often confused with the actual lock that a cylinder barrel turns.)


Euro cylinder

Can I get a barrel with multiple keys made for various members of my family?

Yes, You can order extra keys at the checkout page.

How do I know what size to order

To measure your cylinder follow this link to the guide its will sow you how to remove your cylinder barrel and how to measure it Click here for more details.

How many keys will I get with my handle?

You will get three precut keys, More are available at time of order. You cannot add more once the item has been dispatched.

What is a thumbturn cylinder?

Thumbturns are ideal if you want to be able to use a cylinder from inside without a key. cupboards etc or houses where you have a dog that is constantly coming and going outside.

Do you have High Security Barrels?

Yes, take a look at the Ultion Cylinder

I have more questions …

Feel free to contact us if you need anymore information.