Window Vents

Window Trickle vents that conform to BUILDING REGULATIONS.

Window trickle vents with equivalent air rates of 2500EA and 5000 EA as required by approved document "F" 2006 for England & Wales.

Tested to BS 13141-1:2004 - Equivialent area figures as required by approved document "F" 2006. Tested in accordance with BS EN 1026 & 1027:2000.

Simple to fit Window Vents are available in various sizes and colours to suit you window, match your budget and keep the Building inspector happy..


White window Vents window vents Brown Oak window vents brown-on-white-trickle-vents.png Tan on White Trickle Vents

White Trickle Vents

Brown Trickle Vents

Oak / Tan Trickle Vents

White and Brown Trickle vents

Oak and White Trickle Vents