Veka Window Locks


The locks often found on VEKA windows can be made by differant manufacturers. We get many calls off customers asking for a Veka window lock. In most cases the locks used were made by a differant manufacturer altogether. Veka are a plastic extruder and not a window hardware manufacturer. You may find that the locks you have are either shootbolt type or espag type. Below you will find some simple steps on how to take out your window lock and hopefully identify what is needed.

  • Remove the handle
  1. Turn the handle to the open position
  2. If you can see a screw use a screw driver to remove it.
  3. If you cant see a screw then there will be a plastic cap that needs to be flicked off to reveal a screw.This can usually be flicked off using a stanley knife or similar
  4. Push the handle back to the closed position and then remove the final screw. If this is not visible it will be under a plastic cap that can be flicked off with a stanley knife or similar.
  5. Turn the handle back to the open position and then remove the handle.

  • Remove the Window lock
  1. Push the window open and then go outside to release the window lock screws.You will see them along the length of the lock and maybe even around both corners of the keeps.
  2. Pull the window lock out and then compare what you have to the photos below or alternatively go to our window locks page and choose what you need.

Once you have removed the lock you may find it has a name or stamp on. If any match the links below please click on to be taken to that lock.

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