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We sell Double Glazing Spares and Replacement Parts for upvc doors & windows such as handles, hinges, locks or mechanisms used for the maintenance and repair of windows and doors. Easy online ordering will help you buy the correct product and if you're not sure our friendly staff will guide you over the phone. 

We  provide a quality service with quality double glazing repair products & pride ourselves on giving customers, domestic & commercial, complete satisfaction together with peace of mind.

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Letterboxes and letterplates are great when they work but when the spring breaks, the letterbox turns into a heat guzzling animal.

Every time the wind blows your letterbox starts rattling. When the kids run out of the door and all the double glazing at the the front of the house rattles, the letterbox carries on long after.

Handles and Hinges stock letterboxes to suit 99% of uvpc and aluminium doors and they are available in white, silver, chrome, black and gold. Whilst we can’t guarantee to stop the takeaways stuffing half a rainforest through your door we can help to cut down the draughts coming through your double glazed door


Window Handles are an item on a UPVC Double Glazing that are often overlooked.

As a security conscious nation we tend to put our window handle keys somewhere safe but then the only problem is that we can’t remember where. Handles and Hinges can offer both replacement keys for your window handles, or if the key or handle is no longer made we can offer a simple to fit alternative. Our inline espag window handles come in gold, white, silver, polished chrome and black.

Many people think of their upstairs windows as a fire exit … it isn’t an exit if you can’t find the key.

Handles and Hinges also sell fire escape window handles that are a different colour to the others and don't need a key to operate. Ask us for details.


 PVC Window Spares .. handles, hinges, wedges, keeps, locking mechanisms

If you are looking for replacement window handles or maybe even the cockspur wedges that fasten on the side of your UPVC window go to our window category where you browse through all our window handles, hinges and many other spare parts for upvc and double glazing repairs.

In some cases you may not be able to see what you require but we have access to some of the older types of UPVC hardware and can get our experienced service engineer to suggest a suitable replacement.


 Double Glazed  Doors .. upvc door handlesgasket seals, hinges, letterboxes

Letterboxes, handles and even hinges can cause problems on UPVC front and back doors. Sometimes you  may find the locking mechanism on your door may not be working or the key may not turn fully in the cylinder when locking your door.

Has the postman kindly removed  your letterbox flap when trying to stuff half a rain forest of menus through or has the little plastic spring broken? During windy days does the wind blow through indicating your gasket seal may have perished or even disappeared completely at the bottom.Try our Gasket sample pack, a mixed pack of Bubble gasket, Flipper gasket and Wedge gasket to try in your windows and doors

Do you have floppy door handles? This is common on upvc doors where the mechanism  may be starting to fail or just the springs in the handle getting weak. We Can Help. If you're not sure how to measure the door handles or locking strip we have guides which can help.


  how-to-measure-a-cockspur-upvc-window-handle.jpg   how-to-measure-a-window-handle.jpg   how-to-measure-a-upvc-door-handle-video.jpg
   Video - How to measure a Cockpsur Window Handle    Video - Measure an Espag Window Handle    Video - Measure UPVC Door Handles
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