Restricted window hinges

Hinges ideally suited for a childs bedroom or windows where someone may accidentally fall out of the window.


Built-in mechanism limits opening to a maximum of 100mm in the restricted position.
Tested to BS6375 to withstand a force of 600N when opened to its restricted position.
Built-in quick–release levers allow window to be fully opened for easy cleaning, total ventilation or emergency escape.
Restrictor mechanism automatically relocates and re–sets as the window is closed.

Available lengths:   12”, 16”, 20” or 24”
Stack height: 13mm
Width of hinge: 18mm  

All our window hinges are sold in pairs 


There are different styles of double glazed windows and we have various friction hinges to suit them such as Side Hung, Top HungFire EscapeEasy Clean, or Slimline. Click on the different style to go to that page.