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Winkhaus Multipoint UPVC Door Locks


winkhaus.jpgThe WINKHAUS door locks on this page will replace some of the old obsolete door locks previously made Winkhaus.



lock-mech-centre-measure2.jpgTo help you whittle down the multipoint door lock to the one you need we have introduced a simple scale below. Follow the instructions below and you will be down to a shortlist of Winkhaus lock possibilities. 



First, measure your lock backset

(see drawing if you are unsure what this is)

  Click on your backset size below.


space60.png 28backset-graphic.jpg 35backset-graphic.jpg 45backset-graphic.jpg
space60.png   55backset-graphic.jpg  




If you are looking for Winkhaus  gearboxes and Lockcases click here.