Door Hinges

As a general rule there are 3 types of door hinges available for upvc double glazed doors - butt hinges, flag hinges and rebated butt hinges.

Butt hinges - tend to be found on older doors and the most common types when repairing tend to be WMS / Avocet, Paddock and Laird Challenger but we do have other ranges available.

Flag Hinges - are more popular on newer doors so there are more choices available. We have hinges from Paddock, Avocet, Cirrus, Mila and the Laird Nexus hinge which is often found on B&Q or Wickes doors.

Rebated hinges - are being phased out but we have 2 styles available from Paddock and Laird.


There is a wide range of door hinges available for double glazing so if you can't see the part you need call us on 01204 652211 for free advice or email: