New UPVC Door Lock V New Gearbox

Full door Lock V New Gearbox

Did you know?

Buying a gearbox instead of a full door lock can save you over an eyewatering £150 ?

take a look at the facts below

Full size Door Lock

  • Product....£166.12
  • Shipping....£22.20
  • TOTAL COST....£188.32
  • Ship....Handed to someone at door
  • Bigger carbon Foorprint
  • Needs Cutting down
  • Could Requires professional installation
If you still want a full length door lock Click Here for the Multipoint pages.

New Gearbox

  • Product cost £26.81
  • Shipping £5.70
  • TOTAL COST £32.51
  • Ship....Posted through letterbox
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint
  • No Cutting required
  • Easy installation
If you want to find a New Gearbox Gearboxes for UPVC Doors Click Here

So there you have it.

Before you order your full length lock that WILL need cutting to size, take a close look at your lock and find out whats broken. In 99/100 times its usually wear and tear on the main gearbox in the middle

The example above is based on the products in the link below.

Full length Lock.


Replacement gearbox.