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Double Glazing Security & Restrictors

There are many situations where restrictors could be useful on double glazed upvc windows or doors

Restricted window hinges or the integral window restrictor could be useful on a child’s bedroom where there may be danger of accidentally falling out as they restrict the amount that a window can be opened.

When security is more of an issue then the Jackloc is ideal. This could be used on ground floor bedrooms when ventilation is required, maybe on a summer evening, or on windows where intruder access is a possibility.

Tilt & Turn restrictors can be used on any upvc window but are especially useful to restrict the amount that a Tilt and Turn window can open when in the turn position.

Kids and dogs have no respect for doors and often swing them wide open when charging through them, slamming back against a wall or windowsill. The basic door restrictor will prevent the door from opening past 90°.

Anyone who has left their back door open on a lovely summer day only for a gust of wind to slam it shut would be grateful for the door restrictors with the hold open facility. These also prevent the door from opening past 90° but can then be fixed in position, and released easily when you want to close again.

If you are unsure which restrictor would be best for your situation please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

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