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Secondary Double Glazing - spare parts

Secondary Double Glazing - spare parts

Secondary Double Glazing - spare parts

What is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is like adding an extra window inside your existing window. It's made of a see-through panel in a frame that fits inside your window frame. Here are the main things to know:

What's in It: It has a clear panel (like glass) and a frame (usually made of light materials like aluminum or plastic).

Types: There are different types: some panels slide, some don't move, and some can be taken out when you don't need them.

Why People Use It: People use secondary glazing for a few reasons:

  • Keep the Heat In: It helps keep your home warm by adding an extra layer that traps heat.
  • Less Noise: It makes your place quieter by blocking outside noises.
  • Extra Security: It adds an extra layer of protection for your windows, making it harder for someone to break in.
  • No More Window Condensation: It can sometimes help prevent water droplets from forming on your windows.

So, it's like having another window inside your window, and it helps keep your home comfy, quiet, and secure.

What can go wrong? Over time some of the plastic parts get worn and can break, or stop working as they should. This means that the glazing panels may not slide as well as they should or sit wonky in the frame letting draughts in. As many of the original manufacturers no longer exist it can be increasingly difficult to source parts.

If you cannot see the part you need then just send us an email, along with some photos and we'll do our best to help.

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  • Anti-Crabbing Clips for Secondary Glazing

    Anti-Crabbing Clips for Secondary Glazing

    £12.00 Inc. VAT
    £10.00 Ex. VAT
    Anti-Crabbing Clips for Secondary Glazing Anti Crabbing clips have been widely used on secondary double glazing especially by Everest. These tiny little parts help to hold the glazing square in the frames to aid smooth operation. Price is: £10...
    £12.00 Inc. VAT
    £10.00 Ex. VAT
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    £12.00 Inc. VAT
    £10.00 Ex. VAT
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