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Measure a door handle

How to measure your door handle.
There are 3 main sizes to take when measuring a door handle.
The first is the distance from the centre of the handle to the centre of the keyhole. This is sometimes called the pz
Next is the distance between the centre of the top screw to the centre of the bottom screw.
Finally the length of the handle plate, top to bottom.
or you can click on the pictures below with the corresponding pz measurement.
48mmhandlemeasure.jpg 62mmhandlemeasure.jpg 68mmhandlemeasure.jpg

UPVC Door Handles with a 48mm PZ centre

UPVC Door Handles with a 62mm PZ centre UPVC Door Handles  with a 68mm PZ centre
70mmhandlemeasure.jpg 85mmhandlemeasure.jpg 92mmhandlemeasure.jpg

UPVC Door handles with a 70mm PZ centre

UPVC Door Handles  with a 85mm PZ centre UPVC Door Handles with a 92mm PZ centre
95mmhandlemeasure.jpg 117mmhandlemeasure.jpg                                                




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