Shootbolts & Gearbox type window mechanisms

window-locks-gearboxes-2.jpgWindow locks for double glazed windows with a separate gearbox and shootbolt system.

A window lock using a shootbolt system usually consists of 3 main parts– a central gearbox and then shootbolt rods or extensions which fit into the gearbox.

It is usually the gearbox itself which fails rather than the rods however these can sometimes get damaged when trying to remove the lock especially if the window has been stuck shut.

There are several manufacturers of gearboxes such as Saracen, Kenrick, Mila, Maco, Sigenia, Aubi and Vitawin. Generally the name of the manufacturer is stamped onto the gearbox.

If you are unsure which gearbox or window lock you have then take some photos and email to us: or you can call on 01204 652211