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UPVC Door Handles

UPVC Door Handles

Door Handles For UPVC

When choosing a replacement handle for your double glazed door you need to make sure you get the correct size.

Choosing door Handles couldn't be easier, click to open our Simple A B C Handle Picker Page.

The most crucial size of any door handle is the centres, also know as the PZ size. This size cannot be changed and no amount of drilling etc can change this fact as the centres are set by the locking mechanism inside your door.

Measure Your Handle centres and Choose from the List Below. Full measuring Guide

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(:1f538:) Do your Door Handles come in pairs?

Yes. All our door handles come in pairs. You should always change both handles to ensure the screws line up correctly

(:1f538:) Are all door handles standard sizes?

No, there are many variations of UPVD Door handles.

(:1f538:) How do I measure my Door handles and whats the easiest way to get the correct handles

If you use our handle Walkthrough guide in the link that will help you get what you need. You culd also ring us

(:1f538:) Do all door handles have springs in them?

No, Not all handles come with springs. Some of this is down to the design of the locking mechanism that is in the actual door