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Window hinge rivet removal

Window hinge rivet removal



Window Hinge Rivet Removal


To remove rivets from upvc or aluminium windows follow the instructions below.

For larger windows we advise you buy a Glass sucker to effectively put a handle on your window



Open the hinge to show the rivets

Removal of Rivited Friction hinges

Use a 4mm or 5mm drill bit and gently drill the top off the rivet , be very careful not to drill through the rivet . You are just taking the top off.

Removal of Rivited Friction hinges

Once the top of the rivet is removed you will see a small circle, this is the old rivet. Push it through into the frame using drill bit (not spinning)

Removal of Rivited Friction hinges

Refit  new hinges to window using screws or rivets.

Removal of Rivited Friction hinges

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