UPVC Gaskets and Double Glazing Seals

Double Glazing UPVC Door seals and UPVC Window seals to fit all types of PVC frames. If you not sure which gasket / seal you need try our Gasket trial pack. 

UPVC Window gaskets and seals can be easily replaced using many of our gaskets found below. Bubble gasket and flipper gasket can usually be found on the frame part of an opening window and helps keep the drafts and cold out.

UPVC Door Gaskets and seals tend to be the flipper or bubble variety. If you are unsure of the actual seal you need for our double glazing you can order our gasket samples pack. The pack comes complete with a small piece of every gasket we sell so you can try before you purchase metres.

 Click here if you want to buy FULL buckets of gaskets and seals.

If you're not sure which part you need can our friendly Handles and Hinges staff on 01204 652211