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How to measure your UPVC Letterbox

There are different sizes of letterboxes or letterplates available. In some cases the letter box you have may not be made any more, but in 99% of cases the letterboxes we sell are able to fit your door.

Please use our guide below on choosing the correct letterbox for your double glazed door



Step 1: Remove letterbox, see diagram below.


Step 2: Measure size A in the diagram below.

letterbox-instruction-1.jpg   aperture-size-a1.jpg



 Step 3: Measure size B in the diagram below.




Step 4: Measure size c in the diagram below.

aperture-size-b.jpg   letterbox-measuring-guide.jpg

You should now have 3 sizes

A & B is the aperture height and width. C is used when choosing the depth setting on the ordering page.

Click on the aperture size that is closest to the one you have in the diagrams below.


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If you are not sure which letterbox you

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