How To Change A Cockspur Handle

Part 1 : Removal of the window handle

  1. Pull the window into the closed position
  2. Take out the screws the you can see with the handle in the closed position. The screws may be under a small cover and this can just be flicked out using a small stanley or craft knife. (watch your  fingers)
  3. Then put the handle into the open position and take out the remaining screws
  4. Once the handle is off in your hand you can start taking the measurements that are shown below

Part 2 : How To Measure The Window Handle

  1. You will first need to measure the distance between the fixing screws. There may be anywhere from 2-4 screws
  2. Next you willl need to measure the stack height.  This is shown as letter A in the diagram below


  1. The final part you will need to work out is whether you need a left or right handed handle. This is based on what side the spur is located on.