UPVC Window Hinges

 Hinges for all types of Double Glazing installations. UPVC, Aluminium and Timber.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several types of window hinge as shown below however if you are not sure which you need then get in touch and our team will help you.
Top Hung – the handle is at the bottom of the opening part of the window.
Side Hung – the handle is at the left or right of the opening part of the window.
Restricted – these have a small catch in them to restrict how far the window opens. This can be pressed to allow the window to open fully.
Fire Escape – will allow the window to open wide enough to allow emergency access. All fire escape hinges should only be fitted to a side opening window (handle at the side).
Fire escape and Easy Clean – allows emergency exit but also enables the window to slide slightly to one side so that you can clean the outside of the glass. Ideal if the window is in a tricky to reach spot such as over a conservatory.
Fire escape and restricted – sounds like a contradiction however these are exactly what they say – a restricted hinge but once they are released the hinge will open wide enough to allow emergency access.
Click here for all Fire Escape Window Hinges

Do your window hinges come in pairs?

Yes. All our window hinges come in pairs. You should always change both hinges to ensure that the window opens correctly.

Will my screws line up?

We can’t promise that however if you have a upvc frame then its easy to put new screw holes in using self-tapping screws. Click here for screws

Are they easy to fit?

This depends on your level of DIY skills but most people should be able to manage. On larger windows a set of suction cups may help with lifting and holding the window.

What does stack height mean?

This is the thickness of the hinge when all the parts are closed or stacked on top of each other.
Our hinges are all 13mm stack but if you need 17mm stack then our hinge packers will do the job for you.

I have more questions …

Feel free to contact us if you need anymore information.