Door Restrictor for UPVC Doors

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RES-DOOR (STY23057S) (5055621408181)
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Door Restrictor for UPVC Doors
UPVC double glazing Door restrictor. Great for stopping doors from swinging back against brickwork or sills in the wind

 Suitable for PVC-u, aluminium and timber doors.

  • Adjustable friction device.
  • Suits all eurogrooved profile systems.
  • Fast and simple to fit.
  • Non–handed.
  • Multiple screw ports.
  • Universal striker plate.




Fitting Instructions

Slide the stay arm into the friction stay guide channel. Slide the two end stops into the guide channel. Insert the friction stay guide channel into the groove in the top of the door, positioning as in diagram.

For an opening angle of 90, 85 or 80 position the end stop D as shown in Detail 1, then screw in place. Position the stay support onto the frame according to the diagram and mark the position of the securing pin holes. Drill 4.5mm diameter holes in these two positions.

Reposition and screw in place. Insert the two securing pins and tap in place so the pin becomes flush with the stay support.Clip the stay arm into the stay support hole, and using an Allen key turn the clip to lock the stay in place. The degree of friction can be altered by turning the friction adjust screw clockwise or anti-clockwise as required.