Window Locks by Saracen

saracen-window-locks.jpgThe locks you will find on this page are made to replace any of the Saracen window locks. There were quite a few differant variations of lock made with the Saracen name on so check carefully which one you require. If you have the shootbolt / Deadbolt system there are 2 variations. The Toothed shootbolt end rod or the Bayonet Clip fit end rod. 

If you have the Deadbolt systems look very carefully on the end of the Deadbolt and you will see a small arrow with a number next to it. The number will be either 95 or 115. These sizes correspond to the size of the length of the shootbolt ( 9.5mm or 11.5mm) If you window is stiff to shut and the deabolt is catching the frame as the handle turns we advise the 9.5mm gearbox.

The Saracen Rollerlock gearbox is a very old one and is a bit of an awkward one to change. To remove the shoot rods you turn them anti clockwise and unscrew them from the gearbox.

 Lock Sizes Available