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UPVC Window Handles

Cockspur Window Handles

Cockspur UPVC Window handles

Espag Window Handles

Espag UPVC Window Handles

Tilt and Turn Window Handles

Tilt/ turn UPVC Window handles

 Window Handles with a Fork

Window handles with a Fork

 Window Handles with a Spade

 Window handles with a Spade 


Window Handles for BLINDS

All of the Window handles from Handles & Hinges will fit many types of double glazing and come complete with keys, extra window handle keys are available. Most of the new style UPVC window handles are push to open. This means that the handle snaps locked when the window handle is closed, resulting in happy insurance companies and your house is more secure. 

If your UPVC window handle is broken or snapped and you're not sure what to replace it with our friendly staff can advise on which handle to choose. With over 20 years in the Double Glazing industry the Handles and Hinges team can help you with your choice.

There are 2 main variations of UPVC double glazing window handle:

  •  Cockspur PVC window handles lock by means of a spur (little triangle bit) pulling up against a plastic wedge on your double glazed UPVC window frame. The Cockspur wedges / Frame strikers come in various sizes starting at 3mm thick going up to 8mm are secured by using either rivets or self tapping screws.     

  •  Espag UPVC Window handles are the more modern variation, these are sometimes called spindle handles. The espag UPVC window handle has a spindle that sticks out of the back  which when turned engages either shoot bolts or mushrooms within the double glazed window.

Click here if you are looking for the Window  Mechanisms that fits inside the window.



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