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Double glazing Door locks and Multipoints


Please look below for the make of your double glazing multipoint UPVC door lock. Click on the corresponding manufacturer and you should be able to find the correct one. If you are not sure what you require please click on the link below, fill in our Lock ID form and we will help you choose the correct System. 

When measuring there are 2 sizes you need before you even start to choose your lock. You need the Backset - the distance between the front of the faceplate and the middle of the spindle hole. Also you need the handle PZ centres-the distance between the middle of the cylinder hole and the spindle hole

If you are just looking for a replacement Multipoint gearbox try this link. 



id-form.jpg agb-x.jpg avocetx.jpg azbex.jpg ces-badge.jpg

 Multipoint Locks By AGB

 Multipoint Locks By Avocet

 Multipoint Locks By AZBE

 Multipoint Locks By CES

fix-logo.jpg era-x.jpg fab-n-fixx.jpg ferco-x.jpg fuhr-x.jpg

 Multipoint Locks By Fix

 Multipoint Locks By Era

 Multipoint Locks By FabnFix

 Multipoint Locks By Ferco

 Multipoint Locks By Fuhr

fullex-door-locks.jpg gux.jpg kfvx.jpg lockmasterx.jpg  macox.jpg

 Fullex UPVC Door Locks

 Multipoint Locks By GU

  Multipoint Locks By KFV

 Door Locks By Lockmaster

  Door Locks By Maco

milax.jpg millenco-x.jpg rotox.jpg safeware-x.jpg  securistyle-x.jpg

 Multipoint locks by Mila

 Door Locks By Millenco

 Multipoint locks by Roto

 Door Locks by Safeware

 Door Locks by Securistyle

sobinco-x.jpg  ucem-x.jpg  vitawin-door-x.jpg  winkhaus-x.jpg  yale-x.jpg

 Door Locks by Sobinco

 Multipoint Locks by Ucem

 Door Locks By Vitawin

 Door Locks by Winkhaus

 Multipoint locks by Yale