Tilt and Slide Sigenia Si Patio Door Drive Gear - FFH 1650-2150

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Tilt and Slide Sigenia Si Patio Door Drive Gear - FFH 1650-2150

Tilt and Slide Sigenia Si Patio Door Drive Gear  SI 3GR4a   FFH 1650 - 2150

THIS PART HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.....BUT there is a replacement gearbox available in the link below.


The gearbox simply screws on, no rivets needed....Click Here for more details.


Easy to fit


Other Sizes available:      


  • SI 3GR0   FFH 480 - 600
  • SI 3GR1   FFH 601 - 1100
  • SI 3GR1a   FFH 680 - 1180 
  • SI 3GR2   FFH 1000 - 1460         
  • SI 3GR3  FFH 1461 - 1920            
  • SI 3GR4   FFH 18800 - 2380



How to identify which lock you need:

  • Usually the part on your Patio Drive Mechanism that breaks is the cast where the handle goes in.This drives the full locking gear and enables your door to lock.
  • If you look at the front of your existing drive gear you will see some writing on it which corresponds to the item part number you order. The picture below shows the writing on the front of a sigienia Tilt and Slide mechanism.
  • SI = Sigienia (the manufacturer)
  • FFH = the size of the opening you door fits into.
  • So if yours was the one in the picture below you would pick 1461-1920

If your patio drive gear does not correspond to any we sell please contact us we will help you to identify the mechanism you may need.