Bulk Purchase Box of 12" SIDE Hung UNIVERSAL Window Hinges - 25 Pair

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  • Bulk Purchase Box of 12 SIDE Hung UNIVERSAL Window Hinges - 25 Pair
  • Bulk Purchase Box of 12 SIDE Hung UNIVERSAL Window Hinges - 25 Pair
  • Bulk Purchase Box of 12 SIDE Hung UNIVERSAL Window Hinges - 25 Pair
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Click for our Hinge Measuring Guide to help you choose the correct type and size of window hinge.

Bulk Purchase Box of 12" SIDE Hung UNIVERSAL Window Hinges - 25 Pair

  • Supplied in non-handed pairs
  • Overall Length - 307mm
  • Arm length - 260mm
  • Stack height - 13mm
  • Hinge width - 18mm
  • Suitable for Upvc, Aluminium or Wooden window frames

These hinges are non-handed which means they can be mixed and matched and there is no need to keep pairs in stock or on your van. 

The hinges are sold in a box of 25 pair,  screws are available here.

Also available in 16” side hungall top hung sizes and with a restriction feature



  • Manufactured in ferritic stainless steel.
  • BBA and BSI approved.
  • LAPFAG approved.
  • Friction adjustment without metal to metal contact.Simple steps to help you Measure the Correct Window Hinges

Window Hinge Measuring Guide

Step 1.  Check the hanging of your window.

  • If the handle is on the SIDE of the window, you need SIDE Hung Window hinges.
  • If the handle is at the BOTTOM of the the window you need TOP HUNG hinges.








Step 2.  Measure the length of the hinge.(A)

  • The length is the track part that you can see when you open your window. Your old hinge may be a 10" but if you can fit a larger hinge in then do that. The few pennies extra will pay you back in extra years of service due to better weight distribution.




Step 3.  Measure the width of the hinge. (B)

  • Measure the width of the track that you have just measured, this could be either 15mm or 18mm.The most common one is the 18mm and is fitted on 90% of windows.


Step 4.  Measure the stack height.

  • This is not the easiest bit the do, the stack height is the actual thickness of the hinge. This can be difficult without taking the hinge off. Don't worry, THERE IS A WORKAROUND. We advise buying a pack of Hinge packers for a few pound that will enable all of our hinges to fit on your window regardless of the stack height. This will make you job infinitely easier and you will only have to remove the window opener once.

There are 2 different stack heights, 13mm and 17mm. The packers we sell clip on nice and snug to make the 13mm hinges up to 17mm with a simple clip on action.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All our window hinges come in pairs.

We can't promise that however if you have a upvc frame then its easy to put new screw holes in using self-tapping screws. Click here for screws

This is the thickness of the hinge when all the parts are closed or stacked on top of each other. Our hinges are all 13mm stack but if you need 17mm stack then our hinge packers will do the job for you.

These universal hinges are non-handed so will open in either direction. Click here to see a video showing this.

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