Handed / Cranked window handles now in stock

Nov 21, 2012

Following customer demand we have extended our range to include handed window handles. These are available in Bright Chrome, White, Gold, Black & Silver. The range of handles can be seen by clic … read more

Fork handles now available at handles and hinges

Nov 20, 2012

Fork Handles are now available at Handles and Hinges. These handles are great for replacing handles that are fitted on either Aluminum Window Frames or UPVC window Frames.   The Handles are … read more

Door handle springs

Jan 17, 2012

Door Handle Springs   We get many enquiries about door handle springs and in some case they can be fixed and in some cases it is not possible.   There are 3 types of door locking mechani … read more

Door Handles - they should be appreciated

Jan 17, 2012

Think about door handles for a brief moment. How many door handles did you touch today? How many different kinds of door handle did you encounter? I would be willing to bet that there are more than yo … read more