Totally Baffled By UPVC Door Handles

The range of door handles available to buy can be totally overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start so hopefully this will make things a little easier.

You will need to take some measurements so make sure that you have a tape measure to hand. Double check that the tape measure starts at 0 – may sound silly but tape measures can get worn or wobbly at the beginning and then lead you on to a false reading.

The first measurement to take on any door handle is called the pz size. (We were asked the other day what pz actually stands for and we all scratched our heads with no one actually knowing the answer). This size cannot be changed as the centres line up with the locking mechanism inside your door. Follow these steps to measure your handles, if at any point you are unsure then give us a call.

Step 1:

Measure between the centre of the handle lever and the centre of the cylinder hole (A).

This drawing may help:


Step 2:

The next measurement is between the screws, centre to centre. The screws may be in different places on the handle so see these 2 drawings.


Step 3:

Measure the whole handle backplate, top to bottom.


With these 3 measurements you should be able to find a new door handle and you should start with our pz page by clicking here.

If you are still struggling to find the right door handle then call us on 01204 652211 or email us:

Oct 04, 2013 Janet Taylor

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