When I'm Cleaning Windows ....

It’s not a job that we love but there’s a certain sense of satisfaction to be gained from cleaning windows, getting rid of the finger smudges and doggy nose prints (in my house at least) leaving lovely clear glass without a smear or streak in sight. But how often do you clean the actual frames? And when was the last time you treated your windows, and doors, to some lovely lubrication?

Many customers will happily admit that they’ve been lucky enough to purchase a brand new car at some time in their life and answer “Yes” when asked if they service their car on a regular basis. A household window and door installation can cost a similar amount of money as a family car yet many homeowners fail to look after, or service, their upvc windows and doors because they are sold as “maintenance free”. The moving parts of windows and doors such as hinges, locks and handles are made from metal which can be opened to the elements and are liable to corrode at some point so in order to prevent this you should get a good lubricant, either silicone or Teflon based, and squirt your moving parts at least once a year – if its shiny and metal then squirt it!

It is correct that the frames won’t need painting but they do need cleaning. I was going to write a great article on how to clean your upvc windows but as part of my research I found a well written article so I thought I’d share that with you instead and get a cuppa .....  click here to go to the cleaning article

May 13, 2014 Janet Taylor

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