Trickle vents - Easy to fit.

A Trickle Vent is a very small opening in a window to allow small amounts of ventilation in spaces. Trickle vents are used extensively in the UK and Europe integrated into window frames to provide minimum ventilation requirements for naturally ventilated spaces. Trickle vents are often put into new upvc window frames, but can also be fitted into older frames which are already fitted in your home.

Click here for a very simple calculator to see what size vent you need in your home!

 All our trickle vents are sold as pairs (internal & External Canopies)

Frequently Asked Questions

We do get asked how to cure damp and mould around windows and the first question we ask is "what ventilation do you have in the room".

The question is usually followed by a silence as the customer thinks about what they already have. Some customers have the vents already fitted to their windows but don't have the vent cover open. So it can be as easy as just opening the cover. If you do not have trickle vents fitted then the ones shown on this page will certainly help.

Here is a simple way to show how damp appears in a room.

Imagine you put your hand in a plastic bag and seal it at the wrist. If you leave it for about 10 mins it will start sweating and the bag will get moisture resulting in condensation on the inside surface.Without opening the bag the moisture will never go. The same principle is causing Damp and Mould in our houses. As a general rule most of the country is insulating their homes to save fossel fuels & keep energy bills down. The only problem is with that is the rooms we sleep in every night (and breath & sweat water) are gradually gathering water just like the hand in the plastic bag mentioned earlier. To cure the problem we need to ventilate the room.

There are a few ways of doing this but each has its own pros and cons.

  • You can leave the window open but it can tend to get a little cold and security could be a problem.
  • You could install some sort of extraction device which will circulate & remove the damp air from the room
  • or you could fit a Trickle Vent. This does what it says in the title. The trickle vent just lets air trickle into your building at a rate that won't cause discomfort but will enable enough circulation of air to help cure damp problems.

Building Regulations Document F approved & FENSA - Retro Fitted - Free fitting guide on how to Fit Trickle Vents. - Cure Condensation & Damp Problems - Stop the Black Mildew stains. - Fully Closeable - Available in White, Brown, Tan and Mixed.