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UPVC Window Hinges

 Hinges for all types of Double Glazing installations. UPVC, Aluminium and Timber.

All the hinges below are for use on all types applications. Take a look at the categorys below to make sure you pick the correct hinges for your Double glazing.

  • All our hinges are sold in pairs and come fully predrilled and ready for fit to your upvc or aluminium window frame. 
  • Screws or rivets both are available in our online shop.

Top hung window hinges Side hung window hinges Fire escape Window hinges Restricted UPVC Window hinges Easy Clean UPVC Window Hinges

Top Hung Window Hinges for use

on windows where the handle is

at the bottom of the frame.

Side Hung Window hinges for use 

on windows where the handle is

on the right or left of the sash

Fire escape window hinge for use

on windows where there is need

for a fire exit

RESTRICTED Window Hinges for

use on windows wher some sort of

restriction is required for safety.

Easy Clean Window hinges for use

on high rise application or windows

over conservatory roofs etc.


If you can't see the part you need for your double glazing window or are

unsure what to buy then call us on 01204 652211 for free advice 

or email: office@handlesandhinges.co.uk                        

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